Business Opportunity


Watch the video below to hear from actual consultants who took advantage of this business start up opportunity.


We provide everything you need to get your business started including the online certified nutrition course and a package of HealthyFix products.

What do I need to do to get started?

Simply register for the business package. You will then receive instructions on how to start the online course. Within a few days you will receive a package from the post office with all your products.

How do I earn income?
There are 3 ways to earn income:

1) Conducting classes
2) Personal consultations
3) Distributing HealthyFix products

What if I want to teach classes but have no experience?

We have taken care of everything for you. Once you complete your course you will be offered the opportunity to order a complete 12 week Teacher and Student Manual so you can start teaching your classes right away.

Do I have to carry lots of HealthyFix products?

No. You don’t have to stock up with large inventories. You will want to always have sample products handy to share with prospective customers. We make it easy through our affiliate program for your customers to order directly from the web site. We collect their money, ship them their order then send you a check for your profit.

Am I allowed to sell HealthyFix products to stores in my area?

Yes. We offer a generous wholesale profit. Selling your product through a local store is a great way to promote your business. Local stores typically welcome this idea. It gives them an opportunity to generate new business and bring new people to their store. We have instructions in the Teacher Manual that will help you promote your business this way.

What if I just want my customers to give the products a try?

We offer a FREE 7 day trial for any new customer on the HealthyFix web site. Tell them to let us know when they order that you referred them. They can try SlimFix and EnergyFix capsules for 7 days absolutely free. Over the years our sample program has been the most effective method of getting new customers. In just a few days they notice that something good is going on. That’s why our slogan is “Nutrition you can feel…results you can see!”

I really like the HealthyFix video. Can I use it to promote my business?

Absolutely! It’s a great way to share HealthyFix with others. Most people have an Internet connection and can watch the video anytime, anywhere. We encourage you to share it with as many people as possible.

How can I win a trip like those I heard on the video?

HealthyFix offers generous trip packages to those who meet certain sales volumes.  Visit for details.


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